August 16, 2014

In the midst of August.

So far the week has been a succession of goodbyes.  First, Abby left St. Paul to go home to Texas.  From there, she will shortly head out to Bolivia for her fall semester abroad.  It simultaneously seems like forever since I went to the Irish Fair with her and Aparna and also like it happened months ago.

I talked on the phone with Andy one last time on Thursday.  I am selfishly glad he is going in the fall, too, so we'll both be back at Mac in the spring. Actually, it worked out that I will see most of my close friends this next year when I'm back from Scotland.  In general, though, junior year feels extra disjointed.  It's already strange telling people, "Have a nice trip.  See you next fall."  Fall 2015.

This morning, I had to say farewell to Erin.  Yesterday we filmed a 'before abroad' interview of questions.  She's headed to Copenhagen, Denmark to study film.  I will miss her immensely. But like I said, she'll be back in the spring so it's okay.

Anyway.  I am very tired.  Talk to you soon.

August 06, 2014

Still at it.

Originally, I thought I would have time to blog daily about each video I'm making.  I was wrong.  But to catch you up:

August 1st, 2014
Dan and I planned a trip to Mickey's, a historic and delicious restaurant in downtown St. Paul, only to find ourselves in the far-eastern suburbs of the city.  Sometimes you just have to take the bus to the end of the line.

August 2nd, 2014
My housemate Hayley and I harvested some of our own carrots and potatoes in our backyard.  Then we headed down to the St. Paul Farmers' Market to have a look around.

August 3rd, 2014
I chronicled burning Nicole's monthly mix for July.  She and I have been swapping mixes like this since October 2012.  And we have no intention of stopping.  Sometimes we blog about our musical musings here.

August 4th, 2014
I spewed thoughts on thinking too much.  Tried not to think too much about any potential responses.  C'est la vie.

August 5th, 2014
Last night I relieved my first year of college and compiled this retrospective.  Looking back, I am honored to have met some genuinely kind, funny, talented, beautiful and honest souls.

Tonight, I have a confession to make: everything I own is green.

July 31, 2014


We were checking our college P.O. boxes one spring day our first year when he looked at his box, sighed, and commented aloud -- to no one in particular -- about never getting any mail.  That's when I piped up.   I asked him his name and told him I would send him something.  That was how Andy and I met, and it's still one of the best origin stories I know.  Well, perhaps I'm biased.

After that moment, Andy and I exchanged a few cards.  I took his polaroid portrait.  Then we hung out a few times last summer.  Last fall, we had an epic exchange of Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield couple pics.  (We crafted witty captions and everything.)  He drew me a beautiful drawing of a cat turning into a panda for my birthday.  This summer, I had an incredible time visiting his Wisconsin hometown and we spent five hours driving back listening to Lana Del Ray and talking about our lives.  Then there's all the other small moments that we've shared that I'll hopefully never forget.  I am lucky to have this goof in my life. 

But today, he and I said goodbye for six months.  He's off to China soon to visit a mutual friend and then he's traveling to his study abroad program in Japan.  So yesterday, when he was visiting Mac one last time, I asked if he would be in a video with me.  As one last hurrah.  And given the awesome, tolerant friend he is, he said yes.  It's a miracle I edited these down from the raw 30 something minutes of footage to five minute videos.  Enjoy!

(Stretched these out over two days because I thought I would have to babysit tonight.  I'm loving this video-a-day project.  Gonna keep it going!)